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Artwork courtesy of Peter Cos

( Artwork courtesy of Peter Cos )

Back by popular demand! Due to the MANY kind requests, I have decided to put my page back up. Enjoy!...


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    Welcome to James' Virtual Flight Deck! I hope you enjoy this tour of my Boeing 737- 800. My Flight Deck is actually a real B737-100 shell cut just aft of the cockpit door. I have cut, stripped, cleaned, and repainted the entire section. Read more about the real aircraft on the Real McCoy page. These pages are designed for entertainment, motivation, and display of a very rewarding hobby. I am not a professional web designer so please excuse any lack of web design 'etiquette' or poorly arranged composition. I prefer to spend my time actually working on the Flight Deck, not programming HTML! Many of the pictures on this site are quite large and may take a while to load, but hopefully you will feel they are worth the wait!

    I would like to publicly thank several people who have contributed to my project, without whom it would not be nearly as realistic as it is. Without a doubt, the most important contributor has been Mr. Matt Wietlispach of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He has been an endless source of ideas and electronic know-how which has made my project what it is. You can get a glimpse of his cockpit on the "Fighter Jet" page. Mr. Matt Ford of Woodland Hills, California. He has helped in numerous ways over the years, from wiring modules, to EPIC coding, to parts hunting. We call each other almost daily discussing ways to integrate even more realism into our projects. Matt is building a 737 also, check it out here.  Mr. Ralph Robinson of R&R Electronics, for producing the EPIC. This single piece of hardware is the cockpit builder's link to realism. Read about it on the "Tools" page. Mr. Peter Dowson of Stoke on Trent, England for providing the ultimate link between EPIC and Flight Simulator. His talent and ingenuity in developing and programming utilities for this hobby continue to amaze me. Without a doubt, the most useful and well documented software I have ever used. Mr. Ted Deller of Cockpit Simulations, Inc., in Canada for producing the wonderful EMDA card. With even more useful time saving hardware being developed for the near future, he continues to be a great contributor. Read about it on the "Tools" page. Mr. Bill Trinidad, for the countless hours helping me with such mundane tasks as stripping paint, cleaning plastic trim, removing stubborn nuts and bolts, and eventually even some flight testing! Bill has been helping for over a year now and it is surely appreciated. Mr. Luciano Napolitano, for his wonderful Flight Simulator networking software, WidevieW, which allows me to network my view computers together each running FS2002. The ability to incorporate multiple views is vital to a project like this.

Enjoy the tour!

James Price    Livermore, California, USA

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